Muted / 1st Chapter - A fall through memory

Muted is a virtual reality experience that immerses us in childhood memories. We experience weightless drop of 700 meters, into the depths, through the ramifications of the past. In a poetic universe made of drawings we discover the story of two abandoned girls. With no established narrative, everything is intertwined in this story, as memories would be.

This experience mixes emotional and physical sensation by bringing the feeling of abandonment closer to a weightless fall. Muted is not a virtual reality film, but a six degrees of freedom experience that allows us to be fully integrated into the universe.

This first chapter offers a questioning of the past's imprint in memory. The installation favours poetry and sensation as a journey in this history where violence is done by absence, without noise.


Vertigo STARTS residency
@Fraunhofer HHI / Berlin / Germany
From september 02, 2019
to september 27, 2019

Interstice (Muted - Chapter 1)
Caen / France
From April 26, 2019
to May 12, 2019

Printemps Numérique / KANAL Centre-Pompidou (Muted - Chapter 1)
Brussels / Belgium
From March 23, 2019
to March 24, 2019

Chroniques - Biennale des imaginaires numérique (Muted - Chapter 1)
Aix-en-Provence / France
From November 10 ,2018
to December 9, 2018



Created by

Christophe Monchalin

Dev & Graphics

Christophe Monchalin
Gauthier Roumagne


Léonore Guy
Maud Chapoutier


Tomoko Yoshida
Christophe Monchalin

2D Animation

Evelien de Roeck


Yann Deval


Léonore Guy


Chroniques 2018 – International digital art biennal
Created as part of the production platform, supported by the Région Sud
Coordination : Seconde Nature et ZINC.
With the help of Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles
and Wallonie-Bruxelles international

With the help of

La Maison des Cultures et de la Cohésion Sociale de Molenbeek-Saint-Jean
Le BRASS – Centre Culturel de Forest
La Maison du peuple, Commune de Saint-Gilles
Le Centre culturel Bruxelles Nord - Maison de la création
La Raffinerie / Charleroi Danses